250 Gluten-Free Favorites

Includes Dairy-Free, Egg-Free and White Sugar-Free Recipes


Great gluten-free recipes that the whole family will enjoy. When a family member has gluten intolerance, the cooking responsibilities are seriously challenged. Donna Washburn and Heather Butt have created tantalizing recipes that not only deal with that allergy but will please the rest of the family, too. This comprehensive kitchen companion includes tasty and innovative ideas for baked goods, pasta dishes, appetizers, family meals and mouthwatering desserts

Since many who must manage a gluten intolerance also have other allergies, the authors provide recipes for dairy-free, egg-free and white sugar–free dishes as well.

Here’s a small sampling of the 250 tantalizing recipes: Rosemary bread sticks, French toast Jelly roll, chocolate chunk cheesecake, pumpkin Thanksgiving dessert Cheese soufflé, Tex-Mex potato fries, lasagna Chicken quesadillas, Caprese salad Classic French onion soup, minestrone soup Crispy calamari, roasted garlic dip.

The authors also include extensive information on grains, including amaranth, corn, Montina (a flour created from Indian rice grass), quinoa and teff (a grain from northeastern Africa).A special section on gluten-free grains deals with their appearance, flavor and texture, plus it also provides suggestions on how to use and store them.


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Published Date: 8/28/2009