100 Best Asian Noodle Recipes


A new culinary horizon that includes a wonderful array of noodle dishes. Like pasta, noodles are simple, cheap and endlessly adaptable. Yet noodles provide something more — an exciting range of tastes and textures that combine the best of Eastern and Western cooking styles. These 100 outstanding noodle recipes bring together the best of fusion cooking. These recipes are very easy to make, and most can be prepared in just 30 minutes using ingredients found in a local supermarket. Here’s just a small sampling of these noodle delights:

  • Soups like ramen noodles with red snapper and curry-fried tofu soup with vegetables and udon noodles
  • Fish courses like broad egg noodles with smoked salmon, asparagus, lemon and ginger cream
  • Meat dishes like peppered beef with flat rice noodles and ginger teriyaki chicken with steamed rice noodle cakes
    Decadent desserts like hazelnut yam wonton with maple syrup
  • Also included is a Noodle Primer, which provides a history, categories and descriptions of two dozen types of noodles.

Move over pasta, here comes a tantalizing collection of noodle dishes.


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