100 Best Grilling Recipes

BBQ Food from Around the World


A world of great food prepared on the grill.
Grilling has a special place in cooking traditions worldwide. Whether a Punjabi Tikka or a Texas barbecue, grilled dishes provide a unique taste. With recipes drawn from every continent, 100 Best Grilling Recipes offers a round-the-world tour of different countries and cultures, with such inspired recipes as:
• Argentinian short ribs of beef with chimichurri sauce
• Vietnamese grilled breast of duck
• Moroccan barbecued chicken
• Lemon myrtle shrimp from Oz
• Texas barbecued brisket
• Canadian back bacon with maple mustard mop
• Garlic and ginger butter
Also featured are 35 additional recipes for delicious accompaniments, among them Lebanese cucumber and mint salad, and double bourbon barbecue sauce. With a kitchen or backyard grill, 100 Best Grilling Recipes provides a sampling of the world’s most delectable grilled dishes along with a tempting array of international accompaniments.


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Published Date: 3/2/2007