The Toddler Care Book

A Complete Guide from 1 Year to 5 Years Old


Everything a parent needs to know about the all-important toddler years. At the onset of the toddler years, parents get some rude surprises, no matter how well prepared they are. Seemingly overnight a previously easy baby turns into a mobile, opinionated individual already testing adults and making independent decisions. Written by a leading pediatric expert, The Toddler Care Book provides age-appropriate strategies to help parents deal with the toddler years.

This full-color, comprehensive resource features a wealth of reliable information presented in friendly, easy-to-understand ways that a parent will appreciate. Including advice on healthy sleep habits, healthy eating and good nutrition, developmental milestones of physical and emotional behavior and safety issues for home, car, schoolbus and playground, this book is the go-to source for information on toddler issues.

In addition, there is a special chapter on first aid and caring for a sick youngster, featuring conditions ranging from fever and colds to impetigo and lice to urinary tract infections and flat feet. Without question, this is the most complete book available on new developments in toddler care. The Hospital for Sick Children is one of the foremost children’s hospitals in the world, providing specialized care for infants, toddlers and children up to 18 years of age.


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ISBN-10: 0778802140
ISBN-EAN: 9780778802143
Price (USD): $29.95
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Format: Trade Paperback
Number of Pages: 448
Published Date: 8/1/2009