The 5-Minute Facial Workout

30 Exercises for a Naturally Beautiful Face


How to combat the effects of aging in just five minutes a day. More than 50 muscles make up the structure of the human face, and, to a large degree, these muscles determine facial appearance. The muscles of the face can be exercised and toned just like skeletal muscles. With this new program, a marked difference in appearance will be developed and will potentially eliminate the common desire and need for invasive plastic surgery.

Too much sun, cigarette smoking, the degradation of collagen layers and poor skin create sagging facial muscles. Performing the facial gymnastics in this program on a regular basis will reverse a variety of concerns, such as “empty” looking cheekbones, floppy jowls, relaxed eyelids, uncomely wrinkles and too much unwelcome elasticity. Catherine Pez prescribes a “facial gym” at home to exercise the muscles in the face with no special equipment — just some diligence and discipline. The smile works more than 25 muscles on the face — so smiling is an important first step.

The small and important risorius muscle is in the corner of the mouth and, if well stimulated, will correct a drooping mouth. This muscle also stimulates the other mid-face muscles, thereby inflating the cheeks, and nothing is as fresh and young-looking as well-accentuated cheekbones. Each exercise has clear instructions, with photographs that demonstrate the movements, so performing each exercise is easy and straightforward.


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Published Date: 2/13/2014