The Essential Ayurvedic Cookbook

200 Recipes for Health, Wellness and Balance


This cookbook addresses wellness, happiness and balance via the time-honored principles of ayurveda, newly interpreted for modern Western culture. Understanding and using these practices provides immediate benefits. All the recipes are selected for the Western palate, and there are recipes containing animal protein for non-vegetarians. Easy to make, tasty bean/lentil recipes are perfect for vegetarians, and, most importantly, dairy-free, gluten-free and soy-free alternatives are provided with most recipes. The recipes are designed to balance all constitutions, which minimizes the guesswork for what recipes are appropriate for each individual. Many of the recipes can be prepared in a variety of ways to accommodate various needs and preferences. Well-organized charts and time-saving tips help prioritize and implement the most important ayurvedic principles in a timeframe that addresses modern busy lifestyles. For anyone looking to improve a regular diet or to experience new ayurvedic practices, this book provides easily understood guidance for a balanced life of wellness without stress.


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ISBN-10: 0778805131
ISBN-EAN: 9780778805137
Price (USD): $24.95
Price (CAD): $27.95
Format: Trade Paperback
Number of Pages: 352
Published Date: 9/2/2015