Slow Cooker Winners

300 Easy and Satisfying Recipes


A stellar collection of slow cooker recipes from best-selling author Donna-Marie Pye. Slow cooking is the perfect mealtime solution for anyone who wants to enjoy delicious food with a minimum of effort.

The premise is simple:

Assemble and prepare the ingredients at your convenience, either the night before or earlier in the day

Place the ingredients in the slow cooker

Turn on the appliance and let the food cook unattended

The author has collected her best recipes for everything from appetizers to desserts, including:

  • Sweet and spicy BBQ beef pot roast sandwiches
  • Steak fajitas with tomato-corn relish
  • Polynesian pork
  • Cinderella stew
  • Pulled pork taco supper
  • Italian chicken stew with crisp polenta
  • Beef pot roast with caramelized vegetables

All of the recipes are easy and convenient to prepare yet provide incredibly satisfying results. Slow Cooker Winners includes dozens and dozens of tips and techniques for slow-cooker success, as well as general kitchen counseling and serving suggestions. The “make ahead” advice helps make these easy recipes even more convenient. Each of these dishes will tantalize and inspire the busy home chef.


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Published Date: 10/8/2010