Simply Vietnamese Cooking

135 Delicious Recipes


Bright, delicate and satisfying, the cuisine of Vietnam is absolutely delicious due to the wonderful contrasts this cuisine contains: sour favors are balanced by salty ones, and sweet notes are answered by a little heat from ground pepper and chilies. Nancie’s easy and expert recipes will help cooks make an array of traditional dishes with widely available ingredients.

There are speedy stir-fries, vibrant salads and soothing soups, along with numerous recipes for cooking meat and seafood on the grill. Whether it’s Curry Chicken with Sweet Potatoes and Lime-Pepper-Salt Dipping Sauce or Shaking Beef with Purple Onions and Watercress, or Speedy Shrimp in Caramel-Chili Sauce, cooks will soon be enjoying an array of authentic and classic recipes that are fast enough to prepare during a busy work week.

Delicate, rice-papered wrapped Summer Rolls with Shrimp and Mint can be party fare or the perfect lunch. And, of course, no Vietnamese meal would be complete without Warm Banana-Coconut Pudding with Tapioca Pears finished with an iced Vietnamese Coffee. With extensive information on ingredients, substitutions and time-saving techniques, along with suggested menus, anyone can cook simply sumptuous Vietnamese food in their home kitchen in no time.


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