Diabetes Create Your Plate Meal Prep Cookbook

125 Delicious Plate-Method Recipes


Finally, the perfect diabetes meal-prep cookbook everyone has been waiting for!

Diabetes Create Your Plate Meal Prep Cookbook presents and explains the popular Diabetes Plate Method with 100 delicious recipes, and 5 different meal plans that range in complexity for beginners to experienced meal preppers. Specific food safety concerns are outlined for people with diabetes along with helpful shopping, cooking or ingredient substitution tips, and all recipes contain nutritional information and step-by-step guidance for creating multiple dishes at one time.

Bestselling author and dietitian, Toby Amidor, has created recipes for every meal of the day, including snacks. Meal plans include grocery lists and nutritional information for each individual-serving meal prep container. At-a-glance icons show which recipes are freezer-friendly, one-pot, 30 minutes or less, vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free or a complete plate in one dish. Enjoy the ease and flavor of Strawberry Oat Pancakes, Spicy Chicken Meatballs with Sriracha Yogurt Dip, Easy Chicken Noodle Soup, Vegetable-Loaded Meatloaf or Herbed Garlic-Butter Pork Chops. Each recipe is a make-ahead meal designed for preparing in advance so you can confidently grab and go all week long.


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ISBN-10: 077880707X
ISBN-EAN: 9780778807070
Price (USD): 24.95
Price (CAD): 29.95
Format: TP
Number of Pages: 256
Published Date: 4/18/2022