Delicious Diabetes Cooking for One or Two People


Over 70 recipes for delicious diabetes-suitable meals. Each one of these wonderful recipes, specially created for one or two, is healthy for anyone, diabetic or not. Many are even suitable, with a minimum of adjustment, for those managing other dietary restrictions such as gluten or dairy.

None of the recipes is long or complicated, and all feature accessible ingredients that encourage the home cook to experiment and tailor to a variety of tastes. Under the author’s guidance, managing and cooking for diabetes can be an exciting experience rather than a dreary chore. In addition to the diabetes-suitable recipes, there is also a wealth of diabetes-related information, from common symptoms to diagnosis and blood sugar control to alternative sweetener information and nutritional therapy.

All of the recipes feature easy-to-follow nutritional analysis, making it simple to follow diabetes guidelines and recommendations. Recipes for every meal of the day and every occasion include: Soups and Starters Eggs Pasta Seafood and Fish Beef Lamb Pork Poultry and Game Vegetables, Salads and Vegetarian Dishes Festive Meals Desserts Baking

Whatever other measures are taken to manage diabetes, the bedrock of a treatment is to manage diet. These delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes provide a healthy and economical way to start and stay on this healthy path.


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Published Date: 4/17/2014