Beans, Lentil and Tofu Gourmet

We are all aware that beans, lentils and tofu are sound basics for a healthy diet. But whatever the virtues of the food, to many of us, it sounds boring and lacking in flavor. Beans, Lentil and Tofu Gourmet will introduce you to recipes that are not only healthy but also satisfyingly delicious. Imagine fabulous bean recipes like Romano Bean Stew, Buttered Beans with Red Peppers, and Massimo’s Shrimp and Beans. These recipes are inventive, nutritious and, above all, mouthwatering. The appealing variety of recipes could have you eating legumes every night. In Beans, Lentil and Tofu Gourmet, you will also find appetizing lentil recipes like Lentil with Saffron Scented Meat and Lentil Soup Italian Style. Any qualms you may have ever had about tofu will be dispelled with these tofu recipes. Pea Tops with Pancetta and Tofu, Braised Roasted Pork with Tofu and Green Onions, and Curry Fried Tofu Soup with Vegetables and Udon Noodles are recipes that are sure to please even the most tofu-resistant palette. Beans, Lentil and Tofu Gourmet offers more than 125 great recipes in combination with preparation hints, nutritional information and analysis. Legumes are the foundation of a sound, healthy diet. The USDA has pronounced soy (the basis for tofu) one of the healthiest foods currently available. From the Editors of Robert Rose comes this collection of imaginative and delicious legume recipes. We bring you good health and great food.


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ISBN-10: 0778800237
ISBN-EAN: 9780778800231
Price (USD): $18.95
Price (CAD): $19.95
Format: Trade Paperback
Number of Pages: 192
Published Date: 10/7/2000