125 Best Soup Recipes

A definitive collection of recipes for soup lovers. The old-fashioned image of a simmering stockpot, bubbling for hours, is seldom seen today. Soup recipes in this book are quick to make and well-suited to modern lifestyles. With easy-to-learn basic knowledge about soup making, anyone can create a wide-ranging variety of soups.
Recipes are gathered into the following categories:

  • Stocks and Garnishes: Whole Chicken Stock, Court Bouillon, Parmesan Shortbreads
  • Garden Soups: Chunky Summer Vegetable Soup with Romano Curls, Roasted Carrot and Onion Soup, Fresh Tomato Soup with Cayenne Mayonnaise
  • Chowders: Winter Barley Chowder with Lamb Sausage, Tomato Clam Chowder, Broccoli and Cheese Chowder
  • Hearty: Mexican Chili Bean and Corn Soup, Butternut Squash Soup with Toasted Seeds, Lentil Dal Soup
  • Fancy: Moroccan Cumin Chicken Soup, Cream of Watercress Soup with Sea Scallops, Seeing-Double Soup
  • Coolers: Chilled Curried Carrot Soup, Chili Lime Chicken Soup, Cooling Cucumber Soup with Chives

When time is short, the Jump Starts chapter provides virtually instant soups that combine fresh ingredients with pantry staples. A practical section called The Soup Kitchen lists the basic utensils and handy ingredients needed for making great soup anytime and every time.


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Published Date: 9/3/2005