The Parents’ Guide to Baby-Led Weaning

With 125 Recipes


Welcome to an exciting stage in your baby’s life: starting solid food! This will be a fun time for both you and your little one as your baby explores new tastes and gains a place at the family table. Jennifer offers you expert advice on everything you need to know to practice baby-led weaning safely and confidently: why you might want to use this method, when to start, what nutrients your baby needs, how to prevent choking, how to deal with allergies and what to feed vegetarian babies. Plus, she answers a ton of real-life questions parents often have when starting baby-led weaning and provides 125 delicious family-friendly recipes. So let’s get started! Tips for getting started, including signs of readiness for solid food. Info on safe food shapes and sizes, progressing as your baby develops. Strategies for dealing with food allergies and preventing picky eating. Guidelines for modifying family meals for your baby. Discover all the wonderful benefits of baby-led weaning — from good nutrition and a decreased risk of picky eating as your baby gets older to faster dexterity development and a healthier overall relationship with food.


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Number of Pages: 224
Published Date: 9/1/2017