The Guide to Modern Cupping Therapy

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“A comprehensive and easy-to-read cupping therapy book, with plenty of practical suggestions. This must be one of the best cupping therapy books I have seen recently published.” —Ilkay Zihni Chirali, author of Traditional Chinese Medicine Cupping Therapy


An ancient alternative technique that has found its right place in the modern world of healing. In recent years, countless high-profile athletes and celebrities have been sporting distinctive circular “cupping” welts on their bodies — the back and shoulder area being most common. Dating back thousands of years, cupping is a form of alternative medicine.

The cups create suction and help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, deep relaxation and can even provide relief for sciatica and sinus congestion. Massage Cupping body therapy is a modern and modified version of cupping therapy that creates suction and negative pressure through the use of both stationary and moving cups.

These cups are available at pharmacies and do not use heat like old-fashioned glass cupping — making them entirely safe and easy for home use. Shannon Gilmartin is a licensed and nationally certified massage therapist and certified vacutherapies educator who teaches this wonderfully diverse therapy and has witnessed the positive outcomes for patients. This book shares all her extraordinary professional and hands-on experience, so that everyone can experience the positive benefits of cupping.

Nearly 200 step-by-step photos and full-color pages make it easy to follow this expert instruction. The book includes: The history of cupping, the types of cups and the many therapeutic benefits of cupping from skeletal and muscular to the digestive and nervous systems What to expect after a cupping session, including comprehensive safety and techniques information Applications for common conditions such as stress and back tension to frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJD (temporomandibular joint dysfunction) and even acid reflux A section for speciality applications like athletic performance, prenatal therapy and working with inflammation (acute vs. chronic).



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Published Date: 10/31/2017