Keep Your Brain Young

A Health and Diet Program for Your Brain, Including 150 Recipes


Everyone is growing older, and people are living longer, so it’s more important than ever to age well. The population of seniors will triple soon. What really counts when it comes to enjoying this extra time on earth is to have full use of one’s mental abilities and to be free from disabling neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. This timely and topical book provides comprehensive, easy-to-understand information on the common diseases of brain aging, about the most significant and often silent causes, and finally provides a simple program of action that anyone can follow.

Part 1 outlines the most common diseases of neurological aging, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia associated with aging arteries. Part 2 looks at the root causes of many of these conditions, asking the question “What events and lifestyle choices set the stage for a rapid decline in cognitive ability in the older years?” Part 3 outlines a simple yet comprehensive eight-step program that guides the reader in the quest for healthy brain functioning.

These steps include:

  1. Fuel the nervous system.
  2. Shield the brain tissues and cells from the damage that leads to aging.
  3. Support the body’s detoxification mechanisms.
  4. Keep the arteries, capillaries and blood supply to the brain as young as possible.
  5. Consume special foods that enhance brain function.
  6. Address the determinants of health, especially the healing power of sleep.
  7. Saturate the brain with the optimal balance of fats.
  8. Tap into the regenerative potential of the brain.
  9. Part 4 delves deeply into nutritional measures, since the brain is so dependent on proper nutrition. A complete menu plan calculated to meet daily needs and to empower a nutritional and biochemical optimization plan is provided. The diet will also supply the many nutrients that are needed for optimal brain function. The authors then provide the actual recipes for this diet plan.

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ISBN-10: 0778804720
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Number of Pages: 384
Published Date: 3/14/2014