Better Food for Kids

Your Essential Guide to Nutrition for All Children from Age 2 to 10


A new edition of the quintessential guide for parents. Most parents understand the importance of providing their children with nutritious, well-balanced meals, yet they sometimes need help and guidance in order to prepare healthy dishes when their children are between the critical ages of two and 10 years old. In these early years, children can develop the positive attitudes toward good nutrition that will allow them to lead to a healthy lifestyle as adults.

This new edition of Better Food for Kids features: New, revised, expanded and updated nutritional information on topics such as essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals, food safety, food allergies and dealing with picky eaters 75 new recipes, bringing the recipe count to more than 200 Updates and modifications to all of the recipes so they reflect the latest guidelines for salt and sugar intake

Here are some of the recipes that the whole family will enjoy: Baked vegetable frittata Breakfast fruit smoothie Zucchini pudding Tex-Mex turkey wraps Tasty tofu Carrot-potato soup Macaroni and beef with cheese Lemon-mustard chicken Braised lamb Deluxe coleslaw Pizza-style hamburgers Family cheese fondue Apple gingerbread Peanut butter brownies

With both professional advice and delicious recipes that are thoroughly tested and analyzed, this guide is a comprehensive resource for parents.


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ISBN-10: 0778802515
ISBN-EAN: 9780778802518
Price (USD): $24.95
Price (CAD): $27.95
Format: Trade Paperback
Number of Pages: 352
Published Date: 7/22/2010