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Robert Rose Fall 2024 Catalogue

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Fall 2024 Frontlist Titles

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Johanna Le Pape
Mélanie Frechon

Patisserie Revolution

Innovative recipes for perfect French baking – the healthy way

Patisserie Revolution is a ground-breaking comprehensive book by award-winning French pastry chef Johanna Le Pape that will teach you everything you need to know about healthier patisserie baking. Patisserie Revolution will immerse the reader in a world of healthy and tasty delights, where each recipe is an explosion of flavors while respecting your well-being. With its easy-to-follow design, you’ll quickly learn about the essential ingredients for Johanna’s revolutionary approach to baking and she’ll tell you how to create sugar-free, vegan or gluten-free patisserie.

Bertrand Larcher

Mastering Authentic Crepes & Galettes

Authentic Recipes and Instruction from the Founder of France’s Breizh Café

Mastering Authentic Crepes & Galettes includes 50 recipes from Bertrand Larcher, founder of Breizh Café – the world-famous crepes restaurant in Paris and Tokyo, and the founder of Atelier de la Crêpe, an international school specializing in learning the craft of crepe and galette making for beginners and professionals. In Mastering Authentic Crepes & Galettes you’ll discover a collection of genuine recipes for crepes and galettes, many including the traditional buckwheat flour. You’ll find step-by-step photos and detailed instructions for batters, different modes of cooking, folding and presentation, and delicious sweet and savory recipes for every flavor palate.

Sonia Lizotte

Energy Bites for Everyone

80 Flavor Bombs for the Whole Family

Energy bites are the smarter way to snack. In just a few quick and easy steps, you can make delicious and healthy nibbles for the whole family to enjoy. Bestselling author Sonia Lizotte offers 80 recipes in four distinct sections for all tastes and moods.

Motivating bites will give you pep and energy when you need it: Pecan and Coffee, or Granola and Cranberries are bites that boost and give fuel! Delectable bites will delight your kids or inner child while still being healthy: Toasted Coconut, Pistachio and Mint, or Old-Fashioned Donut. Decadent bites are little desserts to satisfy a sweet tooth. Think Dulce de Leche, or Piña Colada. And Surprising bites take you on a journey with their unusual and unique flavors, such as Cheese and BBQ Chips or Tofu Maple Walnut. Whether you’re looking for an after-school snack or a little pick-me-up after lunch, expect simple, delicious and wholesome recipes that don’t compromise on flavor.

Cinda Chavich

The Wild West Cookbook, 2nd Edition

Modern Ranch-to-Table Cowboy Cuisine

The Wild West Cookbook brings you a new taste of cowboy comfort food, inspired by the chuckwagon and homestead cooks of the Old West, and today’s western ranch house and restaurant fare. It’s a celebration of both historic and modern cowboy cuisine — homey and uncomplicated but refined recipes featuring today’s farm-to-table ingredients, from heirloom potatoes and beans to artisanal sausages.

Karin Parramore

The Beginner's Guide to Acupressure

The Beginner’s Guide to Acupressure is an introduction to acupressure for self-treatment and it is primarily dedicated to reducing symptoms of common ailments. This book adapts Traditional Chinese Medicine acupressure techniques to create an easy-to-use program for people to use at home. Acupressure, rooted in the same philosophy as acupuncture, is a treatment in which pressure is applied with the hand or fingers at specific acupoints across the body. Acupressure seeks to unblock and balance the flow of the body’s physiological energy, or qi, restoring the energy needed to deal with health issues.

Diana Girnita
Doug Cook

The Complete Gout Management & Nutrition Guide

Everything You Need to Know about Gout

Gout is a form of arthritis caused by uric acid crystals in the body causing inflammation leading to pain in the joints. The Journal of American Medicine reports that gout currently affects approximately 9.2 million people in the US (or 3.9% of the population) and yet very little has been published about gout and its treatment. The Complete Gout Management and Nutrition Guide is for both the newly diagnosed and long-term sufferers. In this book, you’ll find everything you need to know about gout, from how to identify the disease to the various treatments available and, above all, how nutrition can help to manage gout.

Ian Hemphill
Kate Hemphill

The Spice & Herb Bible, 3rd Edition

The IACP award-winning and James Beard nominated The Spice and Herb Bible has a brand-new cover treatment.

From bay leaves to lemongrass to vanilla beans, it is virtually impossible to imagine a well-stocked kitchen without herbs and spices. The Spice and Herb Bible 3rd Edition continues to be the most complete and informative book on this topic. Over its numerous editions this beautifully designed and photographed book has sold more than 125,000 copies, and the newly updated cover is strategically designed to reach an even broader audience.

Carla Snyder
Meredith Deeds

300 Sensational Soups

Soups On!, with a Side of Trending Recipes, Tips and Techniques

Soup recipes are trendier than ever and it’s no surprise. With the ever-rising costs of food and energy alongside the demand for healthy and delicious meals, a good soup is both cost-effective and nourishing for the soul as well as the stomach. Recipes include: Split Pea Soup with Pumpernickel Croutons, Beef and Ale Soup, Pumpkin Soup with Ham and Swiss Chard, Yellow Tomato Gazpacho with Cilantro Oil. This is the ultimate soup book, your one-stop guide for all things savory, simmering, and sensational.


For media and publicity inquiries, please contact:
Malawika Dwivedi, Marketing & Publicity Manager – 416-322-6552