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Robert Rose Spring 2023 Catalogue

By 18 January 2023No Comments
Please click here for our Spring 2023 Catalogue

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Spring 2023 Frontlist Titles


Beginner’s Baby Sign Language

Sign & Sing at Home

What are the benefits of teaching your baby basic sign language?

Beginner’s Baby Sign Language: Sign & Sing at Home includes 100+ American Sign Language (ASL) signs to introduce to your baby. This book is designed to show you what and when to sign to your child. Not only is it surprisingly easy, signing with your baby can increase connection and bonding as you better understand baby’s behavior and can relieve frustration by helping them to communicate their wants. You’ll find easy-to-follow illustrations and instructions for signs like milk and diaper. You’ll also learn familiar and practical songs to sign and sing with your child. Also included are the alphabet and numbers (1-10) in ASL conveniently located at the front and back of the book for quick reference.


8 Steps to Conquer Chronic Pain

A Doctor’s Guide to Lifelong Relief

Chronic pain is one of the most common chronic conditions in the United States. The CDC estimates that 20 percent of US adults live with chronic pain. That’s more than 50 million adults in the US, alone! But what exactly is chronic pain? And is there a solution for it?

8 Steps to Conquer Chronic Pain answers these questions and more, presenting attainable, accessible and evidence-based solutions to your pain problems. Written by a pain specialist with extensive hands-on experience and knowledge of the latest advances in treatment, this book will help you to understand the different types of pain, how they’re diagnosed and, most important, what you can do to relieve your chronic pain.