Your Family Health Organizer

Record Parents' and Kids' Medical Information All in One Place


A three-ring organizer for the entire family’s vital medical data. This remarkably user-friendly organizer ensures that accurate medical records for every member of the family, especially children, are carefully filed and readily available. Parents simply must be proactive to prevent medical mix-ups of any kind — including allergic reactions to misdiagnosed medications. Your Family Health Organizer has a separate section for each family member. Charts in each section allow all pertinent information to be logged, and color-coded tabs allow for quick reference.

The three-ring binder is just the right format for easy filing and accessibility, and it’s small enough for portability. It’s easy to transfer information, too. For example, the section for one child can easily be removed and left with a babysitter. The organizer provides space for recording all the family’s medical information, including:

  • Birth details Identification profiles, allowing for fingerprints of each person for security and safety
  • Medications prescribed and any reactions to them
  • Wellness checkups, immunizations, doctor’s appointments
  • Tracking information for each child’s growth and other milestones
  • Tracking information for baby teeth, dental appointments and results
  • Dates and other details of hospital stays.

This organizer accommodates two parents and as many as three children. Convenient plastic zippered pockets allow for filing of all insurance cards, appointment cards and other loose items.


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ISBN-10: 0778801748
ISBN-EAN: 9780778801740
Price (USD): $19.95
Price (CAD): $24.95
Format: Loose-leaf
Number of Pages: 176
Published Date: 9/14/2007