Tinned Fish Pantry Cookbook

100 Recipes from Tuna and Salmon to Crab and More


Enjoy the modern convenience, fresh flavors, and reliability of tinned seafood.

Tinned Fish Pantry Cookbook: 100 Recipes from Tuna and Salmon to Crab and More, includes more than 100 classic canned fish and seafood recipes. North Americans already consume about 4 lbs of canned fish and seafood per person annually. With home-cooking and pantry-loading gaining momentum, sales of tinned fish are soaring, with some types increasing by as much as 100 percent. That”s a lot of tuna casserole! This book is devoted to expanding the range of ways for using tinned fish and shellfish. Why? Because tinned seafood is a great way to consume inexpensive protein in troubled times. Enjoy recipes for salmon, tuna and crab, and then expand your repertoire to include anchovies, clams and sardines. Enjoy a lazy Sunday morning with Curried Scrambled Eggs and Crab, escape lunchtime repetition with a divine Tuna and Artichoke Panini and round out the day with heavenly Clam Carbonara. Consumers want safe, healthy, ready-to-eat tinned seafood and we’ve got the easy and delicious recipes to make every meal its best.


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ISBN-10: 0778806812
ISBN-EAN: 9.78078E+12
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Format: TP
Number of Pages: 192
Published Date: 5/15/2021