Complete Cake Mix Magic

300 Easy Desserts Good as Homemade

Enjoy cake baking the easy and delicious way! Anyone who bakes from scratch knows that baking cakes can be time-consuming and it can produce disappointing results. A cake mix is the perfect shortcut solution, because beginning with the best always gets you off to a great start.

All you need to add is the rich and flavorful ingredients, such as eggs, sour cream, butter, chocolate or fruit — the distinctive “homemade” taste no bakery cake can match. This tempting selection of cake recipes will carry you through every occasion and you’ll discover how to easily transform a basic cake mix into a mouthwatering dessert. The more than 300 recipes provide results that really do taste homemade — in less than half the time it would take to bake from scratch.

Choose from more than 300 delectable recipes, including:

  • Single-layer cakes
  • Multi-layer cakes
  • Tube and Bundt cakes
  • Angel food cakes
  • Cheesecakes
  • Coffee cakes
  • Loaves and muffins
  • Cookies
  • Bars and squares
  • Special-occasion desserts

Along with wonderful recipes, you’ll find tips and techniques for perfect cake baking every time — and a wealth of baking knowledge. Complete Cake Mix Magic includes practical equipment information, making it perfect for beginner bakers and a great refresher for the experienced. Simple recipes, basic ingredients and no experience required — you’ll find all the elements necessary for outstanding results.


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Published Date: 7/26/2012